Ice Kissed by Amanda Hocking REVIEW



Title: Ice-Kissed

Author: Amanda Hocking

Series: Kanin Chronicles

Publisher: Pan Macmillan AUS

Release Date: May 1st 2015

 I won’t say an exact synopsis, but this book is the sequel to Frostfire. The second book in the Kanin Chronicles. 

Ice Kissed picked up right where Frostfire left off. 
The plot quickly advanced from there and never slowed. I think the plot would have to be my favourite part of this series. It is so fast past and complex. The further you go into the book, the more complicated and unpredictable the story gets. 
Plot wise, this book has a huge focus on the brewing war and relationships between the two kingdoms featured in this novel. I also liked the major character focus in Ice-Kissed. 
Bryn especially is developing at such a fast rate. She is simply becoming more determined and devoted by the second. To be honest, in the first book, I never thought much of Bryn. But in Ice Kissed, my opinion of her sky-rocketed. Another character I felt we got to know a lot better, is Kasper. I absolutely love his character and loved seeing so much more from him. With Kasper, comes Tilda. I simply cannot wait to see more from Tilda in future books. 
Relationships that heavily evolved in this novel include, Bryn and Ridley, Bryn and Kasper and the King and Queens. Not all of these, obviously, are romantic and I absolutely adore that Ice Kissed doesn’t majorly focus on romance. Although, I can see this playing a larger part in the next book. 
With every book of hers that I read, I’ve noticed Amanda Hocking’s growth in her writing style. Hocking is a master of description and character-development expert.
The World of the Trylle is one of my favourites. The kingdoms of ‘Trolls’ continue to advance in ways no one saw coming. Even though Ice Kissed is the fifth book in this world, it’s still growing and expanding. 
One thing I would’ve liked to see, is some more cross-overs with Wendy and Loki from the Trylle trilogy. 
Ice-Kissed a brilliant continuation of this series. The third book, Crystal Kingdom, cannot come out soon enough. Amanda Hocking has done it again. 
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