City of Fae by Pippa Dacosta REVIEW


Rating: 4/5 stars


City of Fae is not what I was expecting. At the beginning of the novel, I thought it was rather typical of YA/ NA books. However, as the book continued, the world expanded and the plot intensified.
In the first few chapters, I was easily confused. Nothing seemed to add up and things were happening so quickly. However. Once I got past that initial introduction section, I started to understand every thing and properly appreciate all the plot developments. I feel like some aspects, such as Bespellment, could have been explained more. I’m hoping that in more books to come, these can be further explained. 
The world grew so much throughout the duration of the novel. I was constantly surprised at all the aspects that were added and discovered. Fae are such interesting characters and this book featured a unique type of faeries. Magic in this book is definitely there but not a main plot point until later in the novel. 
For me, the novel started as a 2D square. However, as City of Fae progressed, it started to grow, deepen and expand. Eventually resulting in a perfect cube. 
One thing that gave me the creeps, was all the spiders. It features a lot of spiders. My fear aside, it was a great plot point and an excellent example of the authors writing style because Pippa has the ability to give your the creeps through words. 
The main character, Alana, was great. Especially with the thing that happens at the end. She was strong and self-composed and really had a mind of her own. The main boy character, Reign, was awesome. At first I thought him to be very up himself and irritating but these feelings faded as the story continued. I ended up really liking his character. I think that these two characters really work together. 
City of Fae is just simply not what I was expecting. I love it when books surprise me like this one did. Pippa DaCosta has a talent that deserves to be show-cased. 

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