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I am here today to provide my entry for the Daekora cover reveal competition.

Draekora is the third book in the Medoran Chronicles by Lynette Noni, a series beloved by myself and many others.

This is a competition run by Pantera Press ( find them here). To enter, I am required to address several topics found on the announcement post (on their website).

These include:

– Why you love the Medoran Chronicles

– Why you feel a connection to Alex and her friends

– What you expect from Draekora

– What cover you suspect will be dominating the cover of Draekora

The winner will receive the opportunity to reveal the cover of Draekora, receive an advanced readers edition, amoungst other previliges

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This is now the 4th time I’ve sat down to write this entry.
With the Medoran Chronicle books in front of me, flipping through the pages I can’t help feel the nostalgia of reading them for the first time.
From when Alex first landed herself in Medora, to discovering the secrets of the Library, to what happened at the end of Raelia….
I believe the chosen one to reveal the cover of Draekora should meet the following criteria:
1.  A long-time fan
2. A crazy-obsessive fan
3. A dedicated blogger/ vlogger
And that’s it.
Being a fan of this series is a unique sort of experience. I say this, because unlike so many series that I have read in the past, here I have an author who not only responds to my crazy ramble, but also engages in it with me. (And doesn’t find it weird when I post a photo every time I see Akarnae in public).

I can connect so easily with Alex and Co because I know where they come from, and, being of a similar age, I understand their actions. I believe their response to the situation is incredibly realistic.
Akarnae Academy is the one place in a fictional world that I can actually see myself living in. The Hunger Games? Throne of Glass? Nope. I’ll take automatic food machines and good company.

The Medoran Chronicles is an extremely immersive series, with something to love for everyone.
I have been in a slump recently, but flicking through these pages makes me want to read them all over again.
I was actually the first blogger to review Akarnae, a week or two before it was released. This is a fact that I take great pride in, as it provides exponential amounts of nostalgia – yes, again.

From Draekora, I am expecting first of all ANSWERS TO THE QUESTIONS OPENED AT THE END OF RAELIA!

Raelia SPOILERS!!!
I also believe that this world has not yet been fully expanded to the eyes of the reader, and I am beyond excited to see how Lynette Noni will be able to peel back the layers of Medora, and expose the inner strength of this world.

So far we have a green Akarnae and yellow Raelia. I believe that the dominating colour of Draekora will be blue.

Word count ^^
= 374 words, 2016 characters, 388 spaces and 22 new lines

So, to the lovely people at Pantera Press, Lynette herself (yourself), thank for you this incredible opportunity, I would be absolutely honoured to be the Chosen One to reveal the cover of Draekora, but alas (dumbledore 2k16)– I wish to offer my congratulations to all entrants.
Thank you again

⁃ Chelsea



Share your thoughts and feels below!

Have you read this series? If so, which is your favourite cover so far?

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      No doubt you’ll love it! 😉

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