Draekora by Lynette Noni REVIEW

Draekora Book Cover Draekora
Medora Chronicles #3
Lynette Noni
YA Fantasy
Pantera Press
April 1, 2017
Review copy

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The Medoran Chronicles (beginning with Akarnae) is a series full of adventure and mystery. It follows a girl by the name of Alex, who was thrust into this magical, unique world. There is magic, a boarding school, and an abundance of crazy, awesome characters that complement each other with ease.
Draekora is the third instalment in the series. It carries on from where Raelia (book 2) left off.

The style of writing, as per usual with lynette’s books, was amazing. The best part about this specific writing style, is how easy it is to read, and to grow attached to. She makes it so easy for the reader to just fall into the world of Medora, and to become attached. This is achieved through the use of witty dialogue and an action-packed plot. The writing is incredibly descriptive, yet it doesn’t feel as though you are reading an essay. Most of the dialogue in this book fells so real! It is refreshing to just read a real conversation, that would actually be accurate to reality, despite the context. The only downfall for this writing style is the way in which it delivers information – in some cases. For example, when learning about certain aspects of Medoran history, one character would be telling something to another character, yet it definitely felt as though those words, that information, was being directed at the reader, not the character. Information-dropping as it is sometimes referred to. However, I only picked up on this once or twice, so it is incredibly minor.
This plot is always thriving. There is so much left of this world open to exploring, and this book goes deep down into it. Dull moments are almost non-exisistent, with something, or someone, new always hiding around the corner. That is definitely one aspect that I loved about this book – you can just never predict what’s coming next.
The world of Medora is characterised by both the familiar, and the unfamiliar. By this, I simply mean that despite the fact that many aspects of this world is stuff I have seen before, there is also so much that is unique and exciting. As the books progress, we seem to be digressing from the familiar, and merging into a world full of unknowns. It just continues to grow more complex, and more intriguing.
Another feature of this novel, and every novel, is the characters. They have evolved so much over the three books published so far. From those who are new in Draekora, to those who introduced themselves in Akarnae, the entire cast work together so well to convey an excellent story to you, as the reader.
One of my favourite parts of the novel is behind this spoiler tab! Be ware

SPOILERS for Draekora

To everyone one loves diving into a good adventure novel, full with magic and mystics, The Medoran Chronicles is for you. Draekora was a brilliant instalment, with a FABULOUS ending, and I absolutely cannot wait for it to continue in the next instalment!!

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