Empire of Storms by Sarah J Maas REVIEW

Empire of Storms
Throne of Glass #5
Sarah J. Maas
Young Adult Fantasy
September 2016

The long anticipated release of the fifth instalment in the Throne of Glass series is here. Empire of Storms.
And boy, was is a storm.

This review is spoiler free except for the tabs which are clearly labeled.

In short:
10 reasons why you need to read Empire of Storms/ the Throne of Glass series:
1. Absolutely epic, strong and determined main characters
2. Fighting. Lots of fighting.
3. Relationships. OTPs all around. ALL around.
4. Fae. Powers can are continually developing and new facts are constantly revealed; these fine specimen keep surprising me
5. Lysandra.
6. It has that trope where the character/s are planning stuff but you, as the reader, don’t find out about it until in unfolds
7. The covers literally represent the soul of the book. I love them
8. Fun, speedy read. So fun. So quick*
9. Multiple kingdoms. This is one of the only series that I have read that features multiple kingdoms; and does it well. Very well.
10. Celaena **

*despite the 680+ pages
** I know.


The long version:

I have read and loved every single book by Sarah J Maas and I can say with certainty that this one is one of my favourites. It is action packed, gripping, full of wonderful characters, suspense and is always surprising.

The action packed, gripping and surprising plot kept me hanging on by my nails. However, I will say that this book took me an unusually long time to read, over 2-3 weeks. But, I can safely put this down to my extreme reading slump, and overload of work. The chapters are systematically long in places, and short in others – a characteristic that I love. The short chapters in the last ~50 pages made it impossible to put the book down. I loved how every little thing was often so far from what I was expecting. As I mentioned in the 10 reasons (…) above, the trope where the characters are planning stuff but you as the reader do it find out until the plan unfolds, yeah well that trope is one of my absolute favourites and it was DEFINITELY present in this book.


Empire of Storms definitely felt more grown up than previous books. It is definitely targeted towards older teens and adults due to mature content as well as simply feeling more intricate in every aspect of the novel.

This would definitely have to be one of Sarah’s strongest books, which is a thing I say often; yet honestly believe it every time. Her writing is constantly developing to a point where I can see no more room for improvement (until I get blown out of the water by the next book).
Speaking of the next book, I feel as though the ending of this book set up PERFECTLY for the next instalment.
(If you’ve read it, you understand right?)

Another aspect that has developed exponentially, is the characters. Aelin is an incredible character that continues to surprise me. She is strong beyond comprehension and is the embodiment of a kick-ass character.
The development of her powers and personality in this book was a beautiful thing to watch.
Now, I could spend hundreds of words talking about Rowan, Dorian, Aedion, Asterin and all the other amazing characters in this book, but I am going to skip to my top three.
1. Lysandra. She was an instrumental part of the plot in this book and she definitely did well to establish her position in the court.
2. Manon. I mean, come on! How can you not love Manon! Her sass, knowledge and compassion for her Thirteen (and Abraxos) is overwhelming.


All that’s left to say is: I absolutely, positively do not want this series to end. I CANNOT wait to see how the rest of this series unfolds.
It is one of my absolute favourite series by my absolute favourite author, so I guess I’ll just be here. Twiddling my thumbs until September 2017.

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