Freeks by Amanda Hocking REVIEW

Freeks Book Cover Freeks
Amanda Hocking
Young Adult
Pan Macmillan Australia
January 31st
Advanced copy for review

The book was released on the 31st of January 2017.

RRP: $16.99

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Freeks is a book that takes part in the Trylle world, in the spring of 1982. It is set in a small American town by the name of Cauldry, Louisiana.

Previous novels in the Trylle (pronounced ‘trill’) world include:
As when as the Kanin Chronicles, including:
Ice Kissed
Crystal Kingdom
Coincidently (or maybe not), I also loved all of these books.
Freeks follows the journey of a particular carnival. The carnival includes acts such as having a necromancer reading, levitating acrobats, a girl who can create fire with her bare hands, and many more. These unique assortment of characters form the majority of the cast in the novel. The carnival is growing increasingly desperate for jobs, as they have been living of mere pennies and dimes. So, when a handsome offer presents itself, the carnival is quick to accept, and begins the journey to Cauldry. However, they might be a little surprised by what the town has to offer.
Our main protagonist is Mara, daughter of the carnival’s necromancer. On their first night in the new town, she finds herself at a huge party where she meets Gabe and Selena, the children of a very influential couple in the town. Gabe and Mara grow close yet mysterious events back at the carnival threaten to tear them apart.
Members of the carnival are going missing, being attacked and even killed. Mara and the rest of the crew are desperate to find out who, or what, is causing these malicious attacks.



One part I adored about this book is the pace. As it takes place over a period of around 10 days, the story seemed to fly by. The intrigue fuelled the plot as the reader because more and more invested into both the mystery of the carnival, and the romance at play.
Making the connections between this novel and the later Trylle novels was a fun experience and promised to add depth to the world.
(spoilers for ‘Switched’ and ‘Freeks’)

SPOILERS for Freeks and Switched
Admittedly, the story of Freeks had some flaws. It was fairly simplistic is some manners, and the way in which certain plot twists were eluded to seemed obvious to me.
Amanda Hocking’s writing style is one that is increasingly developing, as is evident throughout the entire Trylle collection. Her recount of events, dialogue and foreshadowing (contrary to previous comments), blend together effortlessly to make the story flow.
Overall, the story of ‘Freeks’ promises an exciting journey, set in an incredible world. I recommend it for fans of fantasy and the paranormal. The only downside is that you might not want to put this one down…
Suggested reading order of the Trylle collection:
Crystal Kingdom
Alternatively, you can read Freeks first, before continuing on with the rest of the already released novels. If I were to begin these books again, thisis most likely the order I would choose.

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