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Breathing Under Water Book Cover Breathing Under Water
Sophie Hardcastle
Young Adult Contemporary
Hachette Australia
July 12


Hey everyone!!

I have returned! I apologise for my mini hiatus but I hope to post a few more things in the coming weeks. I have been EXTREMELY busy!

Alas, I have returned with a post.

Sophie Hardcastle, author of Breathing Under Water, has kindly submitted this post for your enjoyment. It details her typical day when she is writing! Enjoy…


A day in the life of an author…

This year, I am in my final year of a bachelor of visual arts, majoring in painting, so lately, there has been a lot more painting than writing going on. The good news is, I am on uni holidays at the moment and have just started my second YA novel! I’m midway through a few painting commissions so this is what my days have been looking like…
Early in the morning, I walk the dogs around the headland with Mum. We have a puppy that can’t walk the whole way so we’ve been carrying him part of the walk up the hill. It’s winter and the whales are migrating north, so we’ve seen them breaching a few times, (they never cease to amaze me!)
When I get home, I have something for breakfast, usually a banana smoothie, and then sit down to write. I’ve taken over the dining room table so I have space to spread out. I’m in the process of getting to know my characters, so the writing is slow at the moment and I’m only writing 500-1000 words a day. During this time, I drink A LOT of tea. I have loose-leaf tea that I bought in Morocco, which is delicious. I also love a tea I bought in the south of Spain with peppermint, chamomile, fennel, anise and lemongrass.
I’ll write until lunchtime, then break for some buckwheat toast with poached eggs, avocado, lemon and sea salt (that’s about as good as it gets; I’m a hopeless cook).
After lunch, I’ll either return to writing or head into my studio. Mum has lent me the spare bedroom as an art studio. I have drop cloths on the floor, an easel and SO many paintings stacked up against the walls. I paint with oil paints and end up covered in them. I listen to music while I paint, usually Florence and the Machine or Lapsley. I love women with powerhouse voices!
Later in the afternoon, my boyfriend gets home from work. We either go to the gym, pilates, the beach for a swim or surf, late dog walk or crash on the couch and revel in the joy of doing nothing!
Before bed, I usually read, either essays for uni or fiction. When I’m working on a book though, I tend not to read too much fiction so I can keep a clear head and stay true to my own voice.

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